Mayor Frank Seman


Mayor Frank Seman began his term as Mayor on January 1, 2016.

Mayor Seman has been involved with Ravenna City Government for many years, having previously served as Ward 2 Councilman for 14 years, and on the Board of Zoning Appeals for 25 years. 

Mayor Seman brings a unique perspective to the office having served as an educator and administrator in the Ravenna City School System for 31 years.  Following his retirement Mayor Seman served as an Administrative Specialist in the AT&T Classroom project at Kent State University.  Mayor Seman also serves as a board member on the Ravenna Area Chamber of Commerce.

A life long resident of Ravenna, Mayor Seman is focused on improving the community and enhancing the quality of life of its citizens.  He embraces a team approach and believes that by working together Ravenna can become a thriving, safe and fiscally stable community once again.

Mayor's Office Announcements