Budget Documents
 TitleDescription Size
City Employee Benefit OutlineListing of coverage given to all full time city employees.Download590.87 KB
2013 Ravenna City BudgetComplete 2013 budget book.Download2.49 MB
2013 Tax Budget HighlightsMayor's synopsis of the 2013 Budget Commission recommendations.Download245.66 KB
Ravenna Police Patrol Officer's Union ContractContract Between Police Patrol Officers and City Expires, 12-31-13Download259.79 KB
Ravenna Police Dispatcher's Union ContractContract Between Police Dispatchers and City Expires, 12-31-13Download264.97 KB
Ravenna Police Sergeant’s and Lieutenant’s Union ContractContract Between Police Sergeants and Lieutenants and City Expires, 12-31-13Download272.33 KB
Ravenna AFSCME Union ContractContract Between AFSCME and City, Expires 12-31-13Download1.52 MB
Ravenna Fire Union ContractContract Between Firefighter’s and City, Expires, 12-31-13Download1.83 MB
Ravenna City Payroll OrdinanceAll City Job Titles, Positions and Pay Rates Established by City CouncilDownload284.94 KB
2011 Ravenna State AuditFinancial audit prepared by the State of Ohio for 2011Download1.04 MB
2011 Ravenna State Audit Cover LetterCover Letter for financial audit prepared by the State of Ohio for 2011Download120.95 KB