Community Improvement Corporation

The CIC Vision:
  • The CIC is the City’s key partner, leveraging Ravenna’s proud history of continued growth and progressive opportunities.

The CIC Mission:

  • The Ravenna CIC is dedicated to promoting economic and community development to ensure Ravenna remains a preferred choice for businesses, investors, and residents.

Current Members:

Trustee: Position:
Frank Seman
Mayor, City of Ravenna
Kimble Cecora
Ravenna City Finance Director
Sabrina Christian-Bennett
Ravenna Area Chamber of Commerce
Rick Coe
Portage Community Bank
Peggy DiPaola
David Dix
Record Publishing
Donna Kovolyan
Hometown Bank
Ken Parshall
Jack Kohl Realty
Bruce Ribelin
Ravenna City Council
Scott Rainone
Ravenna City Council
Melissa Roubic

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1724.10:  Political designating community improvement corporation as agency for development

“Not less than two-fifths of the governing body of any economic development corporation designated as the agency of one or more political subdivisions shall be composed of mayors, members of municipal legislative authorities,…, or any other appointed or elected officers of such political subdivisions…”