Records Division

The Ravenna City Police Department's Records Division maintains records of incidents occurring within the city limits of Ravenna, OH. These include Incident Reports, Arrest Reports, Crash Reports, case photos, etc.

Report Copies

Our Records Division strives to operate in compliance with all current Ohio Public Records Laws. We utilize Sundance System's record management package efficiently manage all of our records. Requests for copies of reports may be made in person, or by mail in request. We currently provide copies of reports at no charge, up to twenty-five (25) pages. For reports larger than 25 pages the fee is $0.05/page after page 25. We require this fee be paid prior to receiving the record. If you are sending a request by mail, you may call the Records Division first to inquire as to how many pages are contained in the report. Additionally, in accordance with Public Records Law, you may request to view a report on site at no charge
While most records are open for public viewing and/or copying, there are a few exceptions:
  1. Certain information may be redacted from reports in accordance with current Public Records Law and Privacy Laws. A good example of this would be Social Security Numbers.
  2. Cases which are currently under active prosecution may not be released by this department. Requests for copies of these reports may be deferred to the Prosecutor's Office for disclosure under "discovery" proceedings in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.
  3. Cases under active investigation, containing sensitive information which if released may jeopardize the successful investigation of the case, or may cause an uncharged suspect to flee, may be withheld.
These are some general guidelines. Our goal is to release records for public scrutiny in the vast majority of requests. And while some instances may require the temporary with-holding of a record, or portions thereof, we are here to work with you to obtain the information you need.
NEW! Crash Reports now available ON-LINE!

Record Checks

Upon request, this agency will check its records for any reports involving a specified individual. Such "record checks" are done within the records maintained by the Ravenna Police Department only, and do not involve records which may be on file with other agencies. To obtain a more complete criminal background check we recommend submitting a fingerprint card to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).


The Ravenna City Police Department now offers access to the State Of Ohio's "WebCheck" system. This electronic fingerprint system allows for the State and/or Federal Level processing of an individuals fingerprints during the process of various application processes. The applicant visits the Records Division between 7a and 3p Monday - Friday (Holidays excluded) and for a fee we capture the individual's fingerprints via electronic means. The fingerprints are submitted electronically to the Ohio State Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) for comparison to fingerprints on file. Results of the comparison are then mailed directly to the requestor (i.e. employer, licensing agent, etc.). The fees for this service are as follows ...
  • Ohio (BCI&I) Check Only: $30.00
  • Federal (FBI) Check Only: $30.00
  • Both Ohio (BCI&I) and Federal (FBI) Checks: $60.00
Please note that certain restrictions exist, particularly regarding FBI checks. For more information please contact our Records Division at 330-296-6486.

Our Hours

  • Monday - Friday 7am - 3pm
  • Closed on all federal holidays.


  • First 25 pages are free. $0.05 per page after 25 pages for copies.
  • Record Checks are $5.00 for a check of Ravenna PD Records Only.

Contact Us

For questions concerning records issues we can be reached during our normal hours by calling 330-296-6486.