Parking Enforcement

  Parking Enforcement within the City of Ravenna is handled through the Police Department. The department maintains a parking enforcement officer during daytime hours during the work week to monitor and enforce the City's parking ordinances. Patrol Officers are also charged with enforcing parking issues as part of their normal patrol duties.

One major focus of our parking enforcement is the downtown area which is enforced with a two hour parking regulation.

The goal of the ordinance is afford parking to individuals coming into town to conduct business or shop, and to prevent parking from being monopolized by those working and/or living in the downtown area. To avoid creative attempts to circumvent the two hour rule, City Council adopted ordinance language which limits parking to two hours in a given block during a 24 hour period. This eliminated ongoing issues with individuals moving their vehicles from space to space at two hour intervals to avoid ticketing.

Details concerning the parking regulations of Ravenna, Ohio can be found in chapters 452, 454 and 456 of the Codified Ordinances of Ravenna, Ohio. Here are some tips and guidelines in the event you should receive a parking violation:
  1. If you do receive a ticket, PAY IT EARLY. Our fines are graduated (see below). Delay in paying will only increase the fine.
  2. Fines may be paid in person at the Police Department, or may be sent in by mail.
  3. Of course the best advice is to avoid a citation in the first place. Familiarize yourself with, and obey, the parking ordinances.

Parking Fine Schedule

Handicap parking violations $250.00
General parking violations paid within 5 days $10.00
General parking violations paid after 5 days, but within 30 days $25.00
General parking violations paid after 30 days. $50.00

Delinquent Fine Policy

If payment is not received within 30 days, a notification letter will be mailed to the vehicle's registered owner. A second notice will be mailed at 60 days, and a final notice will be mailed at 90 days.  If payment is still not received the fine will be forwarded to collections and the vehicle may be subject to "booting".  If your vehicle is booted it will not be released until fine payment is received.

Contact Us

For questions concerning Parking issues contact the Police Department at 330-296-6486.