Bike & Hike Trail

For hikers or bikers of all ages, The Portage Hike & Bike Trail crosses through Ravenna, and extends all the way through Franklin Township and into Kent, eventually connecting to the Summit Hike & Bike Trail.

Public spaces, nature, hike and bike pathways, along with a robust offering of recreational opportunities, both leisure and structured, bring a number of benefits to any city. Having attractive spaces and plenty of recreational opportunities not only brings satisfaction to the folks that participate, area merchants benefit from an increase in pedestrian traffic. Businesses are able to recruit and retain quality employees. Citizens have a greater sense of pride and companies are more likely to locate and remain in cities with recreational amenities, while the city enjoys healthier, happier people.

Because The Portage Hike & Bike Trail is an all-season trail, its dedicated pathway provides cross-country skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts extra recreational options over the length of the trail this winter. Come spring, the bike riders and hikers will be out in full force.

The The Portage Hike & Bike Trail showcases a diversity of community destination such as the Kent State campus, parks, schools and stadiums, historic canal remnants, Native American trails, the Cuyahoga National Heritage River, theatres, downtown businesses and spectacular natural areas.
The Portage Hike & Bike Trail connects our communities and improves our quality of life by:
  • Promoting family recreation
  • Strengthening our economy
  • Protecting our environment
  • Encouraging healthy activity

Trail Specifications

Length: 9.8 miles/asphalt & crushed stone sections - 8' wide
Tallmadge Trail: 2.9/asphalt & crushed stone

Condition: Good - No loose spots or washouts. Most of the trail has developed a regrowth of grass in the center with good lanes on either side.

Facilities: Public restrooms at the west end at Towner's Woods Park and Chestnut Hills Park in Ravenna.

Food: There are no retail or food establishments along the trail, but the western end isn't far from downtown Kent, and the east end cuts through Ravenna just north of the city center and just south of Robinson Memorial Hospital. Several restaurants and gas station mini-marts are fairly close to the trail.

Parking: Parking at the west end at Towner's Woods Park. The eastern terminus of the trail now has a twenty car paved parking area and public restrooms. The parking area is located in Chestnut Hills Park on Rte 44 in Ravenna.

Directions to Kent Trailhead: Start with the public parking lot at Towner's Woods Park north of Kent on Ravenna Road. The park can be reached from Rte. 43 in Twin Lakes (look for a life-size rhinoceros sculpture on the corner!). Proceed east to where Ravenna Rd. abruptly kinks to the right across RR tracks; the park is right on the corner. From the east, Ravenna Rd. can be reached by taking Brady Lake Rd. northwest from Rte. 59. If you come from Rte 43 in a tall vehicle, note there is a bridge with 9' clearance next to the Akron Water Treatment plant.