Smoke Detectors

A smoke alarm is the best early fire detection device available to the average homeowner. With properly placed and maintained smoke detectors you increase your chances of survival by 50%.

Most residential fire deaths occur between 11 P.M. and 7 A.M. This is the time of greatest danger, when people are asleep. The primary killer is smoke and poisonous gases which overcome victims as they sleep. From the time a fire breaks out there is a limited amount of time that a person has to escape. With the early warning of a smoke detector, you can be awakened during the early stages of a fire while escape is still possible.

Q. How much does a smoke detectors cost?

A. Most range in price from $5 to $20.

Q. What Kind of Smoke Alarm Should I Buy?

A. Both battery-powered and house current-powered smoke detectors do a good job. Make sure the one you choose has been tested by a nationally-recognized testing laboratory.

Q. How Many Smoke Alarms Do I Need?

A. There should be at least one detector on every floor of the house (except the attic unless it is used for sleeping space). Additional detectors will increase the chance of early detection.

Q. Where should I place Smoke Alarms?

A. Smoke detectors should be placed near bedrooms either on the ceiling, at least 6 to 12 inches away from the wall, or on the wall, 6 to 12 inches down from the ceiling. Take care to keep the detector away from drafts created by fans or air ducts. This allows the detector to sense the smoke as it approaches the sleeping area.

Q. How Do I Install A Smoke Alarm

A. Battery-operated detectors can be attached directly to the ceiling or wall. Wired-in electric detectors are somewhat more difficult to install and may require an electrician.

Q. What Maintenance Do Smoke Alarms Require?

A. Test the detector at least monthly by pushing the test button. Once a year vacuum the dust from alarm air vents. Replace batteries when you adjust your time for daylight savings each Spring and Fall.

Q. Is There Anything Else I Should Do Once I Install Smoke Detectors?

A. Yes! Hold practice drills with your whole family so they will know what to do if your detector ever alerts you of an emergency