Fire Extinguishers

Many lives have been lost simply because people were not prepared to deal with accidental fires. In fact, it is estimated that less that 5% of the nation's homes have fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers are considered first-aid equipment for controlling and putting out small fires before they become too large. However, they are no substitute for the fire department in the event of a large or major blaze.

Having the proper fire extinguisher, as well as knowing how to use it and when not to use it, is important in safeguarding your household. Selecting the proper extinguisher for your home is as simple as A-B-C. Make sure that all adult family members know how to use fire extinguishers. A unit with a gauge will enable you to check for enough pressure to do the job effectively. Most home units are disposable. Therefore, never expel the home extinguisher to see if it works. Hold practice fire drills so everyone knows how to escape a fire.

How To Use A Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers come in a number of shapes and sizes. They all operate in a similar manner. Here's an easy acronym for fire extinguisher use:

 P Pull - Pull the pin. Break seal and test the extinguisher
 A Aim - Aim at the fire's base. Ensure you have a means of escape.
Squeeze - Squeeze the handle to discharge the agent.
Sweep -  Squeeze from side to side to extinguish fire.

When To Fight A Fire

You should fight a fire with a fire extinguisher only when all the following are true:
  • All other members of the family have been evacuated.
  • The fire department has been called.
  • The fire is small and confined to the immediate areas where it started, such as a wastebasket, cushion, small appliance, stove, etc...
  • You can fight the fire with your back to a safe escape route.
  • Your extinguisher is rated for the type of fire you are fighting and is in good working order.
  • You've had training in the use of the extinguisher and are confident that you can operate it effectively.
The Ravenna Fire Department offers fire extinguisher training to all businesses, organizations, and residents of Ravenna City. Call the Fire Department to request training at (330)297-5738